Rafa & Maurem Brazilian Wedding

This wedding in Brazil was such an amazing Adventure!

A year ago, Tanner went to Brazil to photograph a wedding for Filipe and Julia, who Tanner had known for a couple years. For ten days, he was hosted by this incredible family and their son Rafael. Rafa is his nickname, and Tanner and him immediately connected like brothers. This was Tanner’s first trip to Brazil and he fell in love with the food, culture and community. Tanner and Rafa spent multiple nights talking and this girl named Maurem kept coming up. At the wedding for Filipe and Julia, Rafa got the courage to ask out Maurem on their first date. They quickly fell in love and were engaged 6 months later. In November, Rafa flew up to the States to intern with a church for a month. He took a train from San Diego to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with us. It was his first experience with an American Thanksgiving. We spent a couple days with Maria’s side of the family in the Portland area, and then we drove to Wallowa county, Oregon, with Tanner’s side of the family. It was on this trip that Rafa told us that they wanted us to photograph their wedding in Brazil. We were so excited! We immediately started dreaming and planning and all loved the idea of an after-ceremony adventure in the mountains of Brazil.

We flew to Brazil in May. The day of the wedding, Rafa actually asked us to just be guests of the wedding and just enjoy it, but we couldn’t resist to take a few photos anyways. The next day we drove 3.5 hours to some of the biggest Mountains in Brazil. The first location reminds us of Yosemite but with Jungle and the cutest little Pastel food truck. It’s only in a place like Brazil that you could drive way up on a dirt road into the mountains and find a cute little food truck making delicious pastries.

The next morning, we woke up quite early and drove our way to what would become our favorite location ever. We were super excited to shoot in the thick fog but as we got near the top of the mountain, we saw that the fog layer was just in the bottom of the valley. As the sun was rising, we saw that the rays of sunlight were going to line up perfectly with the opening in the cliff. It was a absolute dream and one of the most incredible sunrises we have ever witnessed. Tanner kept yelling in excitement and Maria nearly cried. The rays of sunlight lasted for over an hour, and the results are breathtaking. We spent a few hours on the mountain with them and headed back into town for a well deserved breakfast. We spent the rest of the day exploring around the other sights and drove back to Floripa so Rafa and Maurem could go on their honeymoon at a resort in the North Island. We truly had such an incredible time on this adventure with these two lovebirds! Congrats Rafa and Maurem! Thank you for bringing us along on your wild adventure and for going along with all our crazy ideas, like waking up at 3am for a sunrise hike.

Talking Rain

We have been exploring with Talking Rain in our backpacks on some local adventures. Talking rain is a rad Washington based company proudly bottling sparkling water in the PNW since 1987. During this time, Talking Rain has stayed true to its vision and its commitment to community by continually creating great tasting, refreshing beverages for people who desire a healthier lifestyle.

They just released four amazing new flavors: Tanner’s favorite Black Cherry, Mountain Berry & Maria’s favorite Grapefruit.

Our first adventure we spent time out with friends, building a fire and enjoying the beautiful sunset, under Mt Si making memories and telling stories until the stars came out.

Next we went on an adventure out to the North Cascades, met new friends and had a picnic with epic views of our favorite lake and mountains in Washington.

On our next adventure we headed out to the Olympic National Park, for a Kayaking adventure. We stopped to enjoy the mountains, with sparkling waters in hand. Not pictured are the mosquito we were fighting off after the fresh winter melt.

Shifting from Soda to Sparkling water has been quite an easy transition for Tanner because of how perfectly crafted Talking Rain’s flavors are. Tanner has lost over 35 pounds eating healthier this year, and a big part of that was eliminating soda from his diet.

We are again so stoked to be partnering with this great company and are excited for many adventures to come.

Check out https://www.talkingrainwaters.com/ to learn more about them as well!

Diablo Lake Elopement

Eric & Grace Elopement

Diablo Lake, North Cascades, Washington.

Eric and Grace are an amazing couple who met in North Carolina and Eloped with 30 members of their family and best friends in Washington. Eric has been a friend of Tanner’s for years, and visited Seattle in 2014. While visiting Seattle, Tanner took Eric on an adventure to the North Cascades. He fell in love with the incredible views of Diablo lake and the surrounding mountains. Years later he moved to Asheville, North Carolina and met Grace. After proposing, they both wanted something small and intimate with a beautiful view. Eric reached out about returning to the North Cascades for an elopement wedding. Next he had to convince their families from North Carolina, Texas, California and Colorado to fly to Seattle and join their adventurous wedding in the North Cascades.

The location was set in place, and Eric and Grace rented a beautiful home in Capitol Hill, Seattle to stay with their closest friends and wedding party. On the wedding day, Eric got ready on one floor and Grace in a beautiful room with an additional sun-room. They did their first look at the beautiful Volunteer Park Conservatory. After a group lunch with everyone at Local 360 in Belltown, the entire party got on a private tour bus to drive the 3 hours to the Diablo lake overlook. There under the stunning mountains, Eric and Grace proclaimed their love and spoke their vows with the support from the people they love most.

We were so grateful to be included in this beautiful elopement and unforgettable experience in the North Cascades.